Friday, March 26, 2010

Stripper freedom part II

The other day i linked to an interesting story about a stripper whose ability to make a living is being made increasingly difficult by the government bureaucracy's oppressive regulations. I find it interesting because its the rights of the smallest minorities that need protection most....especially the ones that arent socially acceptable by some. A truly free society doesnt care if you are a stripper or a insurance salesman, it protects your means of gaining wealth (as long as its legal of course). Tyranny's trick is to pick off the unpopular freedoms and less mainstream people first. Once they set a precedent that they can regulate an inch they are already gobbling up miles.

Here is Part II of her story.

The government is making it harder and harder for me to make a living, and as a musician i receive as much sympathy as an adult entertainer maybe thats why i found the article interesting. Plus its got strippers....YEEHAW!

Anyway, as my ability to earn "the chedda'" slowly dries up due to unnecessary regulations and a local Gestapo which has increasingly bullied the places i work into limiting their own ability to bring in customers, i see the cancer that bureaucracy and oppressive government are to the ambition and spirit of the hard working American. Why bother? You cant fight City Hall right?

Well if im going down im going down swingin'. I will never apathetically fall in line......will you?

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