Wednesday, February 17, 2010

USA vs Germany

I just realized the American woman curlers are playing Germany as we speak....

I missed the first 3 ends but it is 1-0 Germany in end 4.

Also, the German women are scary.

Updates as the match progresses....


America's skipper chokes again and instead of getting 2 or 3 ends up with a single point after an awful chuck.

US 1 - Germany 1
Through 4 Ends


A couple of weak throws by US women and 1 great throw by Germany's skipper gives her team a hat trick.

Germany 4 - US 1
Through 5 Ends


A couple points for the US in the 6th and 7th make is 4 - 3 but another great shot in the 8th puts 2 on the board for the Germans....The US skipper is just not very good.

Germany 6 - US 3
Through 8 Ends


Needing 2 points in the final End to tie the score and force extra Ends the US fails as Germany's skipper does her job well (again) and closes the match with defensive *clonck* knocking out America's tying stone.

Final Score
Germany 6 - US 5

Other scores:
Canada pulls 2 points out of no where in the 10th and final End to beat gritty gutty Japan 7 - 6.

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Kate said...

I watched the US vs Denmark last night...
The US needs to step it up...they lost again! How many times can they lose? Hasn't it been 3 times already? I think that Canada won their match...or at least they were winning through 6 Ends...didn't see the end b/c it's not on TV. Isn't there somewhere online that will show other teams besides US?