Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Liberal policy = trickle down poverty Part LXI

What happens when you take liberal environmentalist wackos and let them control government policy? They screw up your country and quite possibly your life. Many times directly, but more often in ways you will never see first hand.

128 people will lose their jobs on April 18th. Why? Because a bunch of faceless liberal bureaucrats used a faceless liberal intellectual's computer model (yeah, just like global warming) to predict that their might be a few less of a kind of fish next year. The data they used hasnt been proven accurate and their computer models obviously suck.

Check It.

This will decimate the small town of Gouldsboro, Maine, but it doesnt stop there. These same liberals are making other decisions that will hurt the entire fishing industry, inevitably costing more jobs and greatly raising prices for consumers like you. New radical environmental regulations will force fisherman to use new more expensive equipment, spend more for bait, and drive up the price of fuel.

Why? Because of ideology. Not facts, not whats best for America or Americans, not whats logical, not even what is best for the environment. Its because some tree hugger wants to save every single fish from every evil meat eating human. Its because what they (intellectuals) want is more important than what you (working peons) want. Well, now those arrogant, naive, thoughtless, power hungry, and many times, insane, progressives are running your country. Like a cancer, they are slowly eating away at the foundations of our economic system and our freedom.

Unfortunately for every big battle we may win, like the global warming hoax, there are many, many, more nameless smaller struggles that we dont even know are being fought. Thats why elections matter and every single liberal Democrat who is elected to our government can be dangerous.

Will your job be next?

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