Monday, February 22, 2010

Climategate: Ignored by the media....SURPRISE!

It turns out that climate change is only a story to the American media when its being blamed on people. As more and more facts refuting anthropologic global warming come out and more and more corruption within the climate change activist community is exposed through the media in other countries, the biggest names in American journalism seem to be ignoring the story completely.

Well, it took a while but i did find someone that had noticed the deafening silence from the main stream media.

Take a gander at THIS y'all.

No matter your opinion on the legitimacy of man made climate change, it should frighten you that the pursuit of the truth seems only important to the MSM when the outcome fits a specific narrative.

I could be convinced by evidence, not propaganda and lies, and the more i read the more it seems, that is all the UN, Al Gore and his cronies have to offer.

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