Saturday, February 13, 2010

Testing one....two....

2010 is here and as i dont watch the winter olympics i was about to post a comment to my Facebook page that some would find infuriating when i realized that Facebook isnt really the place for my ginourmous intellectual bunker busting life lessons.

I decided i needed somewhere else, an oasis if you will, to opine without restraint. Most people dont want to deal with the argument i started over NAFTA if they are just logging in to play Farmville, so im planting my flag here in generic blogger world. That way Facebook can stay upbeat, funny fun fun, and rooted in mundane status updates. I cant promise it will always be that way here.....but i can promise an informed perspective that has a 18% chance of making you laugh. a 14% chance of making you cry, and a 36% chance of making you scream at your computer.

Who knows what this site will become but i can promise that coming here will give you a front row, 50 yard line seat as.....Alec saves the world.

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