Monday, August 13, 2012

Lying, liars, who lie.

Im sick and tired of hearing Barack Obama and his brain dead minions lie about....well everything, but as of this week its become about Paul Ryan and his budget.

Democrats have to hope you spend ZERO time fact checking the, full on, ass air that is coming out of their mouths.

Barack Obama took over 700 BILLION dollars from Medicare to spread around to his politically favored groups within Obamacare.  He took it from seniors who paid into the system their whole lives to buy the votes of those who havent paid a dime like illegal immigrants. Oh, and just in case that wasnt enough to blow a hole in your skull Obama is now advertising tax payer provided food stamps to those illegals while they break the law.

Meanwhile, Medicare is nearly bankrupt and will be officially broke by 2016 according to the nonpartisan trustees.

Paul Ryan's budget was co written with a Democrat Senator and held up by the Co Chair of  Obama's own Commisson on Fiscal Responsibility, as "...sensible, honest, and serious..."

SO-- every time you hear scary claims by these gutter swine, remember, they are desperate, dishonest campaign garbage. 

Obama is a liar.  He lies.  When he opens his mouth, there is lying.

Its difficult to sugar coat this pathelogical little man's ugliness at this point.  I want to stay respectful of the President but his open contempt for the American people has propelled me dangerously close to rage.  Any man who purposely pushes such putred perjury, knowing it will cause pain and poverty, is no longer worthy of  repute.  He has lowered himself to the petty, repugnant practices of third world propagandists.


Also, under Obama's non plan, the monthly Medicare premium will go from $100 to $250 by 2014.

Poverty for all, thats what Obama considers "fairness".

Sound good? 

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