Friday, August 31, 2012

One Leader, One follower

Today Mitt Romney hit the campaign trail, and one of his first stops was to meet with victims of Hurricane Isaac.

Yep, Barack Obama. The same guy who broke a long held tradition of not campaigning during the opponents nominating convention. The same guy who ignored the storm entirely and held campaign events all week, even as the GOP was respectfully cancelling an entire day of events during the tensest moments before landfall.

I never heard the phrase "leading from behind" until Obama began his Presidency, but after 4 years I can say im way too familiar with its meaning.

Not to mention, now it looks like Obama is only going to save face.....which he is.

Obama is famous for doing his"ME TOO, ME TOO" dance, but this move has all the class of a Jersey Shore toga party.

Speaking of saving face...... I noticed that the DNC added a few speakers to their convention once it was obvious that their line up was lacking the "Sis Boom Bah" of the GOP. A few more names you know but very "meh". It doesnt help that the original Democrats speaker list was serious weak sauce. I cant wait to watch the train wreck....i can smell it coming.....(yes i have the extra ordinary power to smell trains shortly before they derail and crash).

*Le Sigh*

I cant believe Summer is over.....that is depressing. I refuse. Im keeping it hidden under my bed for at least another month.

Have a safe weekend.

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