Saturday, August 11, 2012

Calling all cars....we got a 5150 in progress

I was reading the New Yorker online....yeah, i not sure why....

Anyway, they had this pathetic article claiming that Paul Ryan has no private sector experience and little governmental experience and probably isnt qualified to run for VP....

About 10 seconds in it hits me-

Obama did what of any any point in his life.....before jumping straight to P-P-P-President....not VICE President....the Oval Office?

Are these people even conscious of the hypocrisy clogging their pores....oh, if only it could give them a giant puss filled zit right in the middle of their doody spewing face, maybe they would at least notice something is infected within them.

Paul Ryan is the House Budget Chairman.  A position you cannot maintain with empty platitudes from a teleprompter and an adoring press.  Obama didnt so much as write the word "bill" in his 10 minutes in the Senate, let alone do anything as demanding as create a budget for the biggest, most complex. government on the planet.

Im not sure how im going to deal with this level of absurdity for the next 3 months.  It's only going to get worse as Obama gets more and more desperate.  He only knows the Chicago method.  Lie, and if that doesnt work, lie bigger, and if that doesnt work, lie your rear off and cheat. I expect Obama's pants to spontaneously combust at some point.

Turns out i wasnt the only one to read the article.  The Ace of Spades crew always lifts my spirits and are on fire today.  Definitely check out whats going on over there......

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