Monday, August 27, 2012

Unable to find 3 GOP women who like him, Obama campaign lies....again.

This seems to be the norm with the Democrats in this election. Decide on a narrative and if the facts dont fit, lie.....

Obama released an ad touting "Republican Women for Obama". Not a bad idea really, I think Romney has released an ad with former Obama voters saying why they are changing sides. Unfortunately, I guess he couldnt find enough (what, like 3?) women who are Republicans and voting for him.....SO....

Its just so stupid. You cant tell me, with the FBI, CIA, etc at their disposal they didnt know these ladies werent Republicans. So why do it? Why produce the ad?

Does Obama and his team think you are that stupid? That you wouldnt bother checking? That you would never question him?

If Mitt Romney got caught using frauds in his political ads, it would be front page news.....did you even know about this?

Well, i think you should.

The Obama administration and its surrogates are either incompetent, have no respect for you, or both. If this act of petty, lazy, deception doesnt show that, then what?

I think America is better than this man. Someone who expects, even hopes for, zero, out of us.....

Knocking us down so you can offer a condescending, pity, hand up is.....not a leader.

Its time for Obama to go.

PS. You know who looks like a leader, the more i read about him?

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