Saturday, August 4, 2012

Joe Paterno railroaded

JoePa is Innocent!

I will believe that until i am proven wrong. As a Penn Stater who graduated, stuck around State College....left, came back....left....came back, and now is semi firmly planted less than a mile from campus, I know how this town works. The locals loved Joe Paterno, but the powers that be at Penn State always resented him. Joe was the peoples champion, while the stuffy, out of touch, elitist tools that ran PSU, like Graham Spanier, seemed to resent the people.....SO-

Given a chance to destroy Paterno's reputation while deflecting blame from themselves, they jumped on it.

What was the evidence for the NCAA sanctions and world wide scorn? The Freeh report. Well, that report says NOTHING that proves Joe Paterno of any wrong doing. Not even close....

I read the Freeh report. Its a pile of maybes and unidentified references, but ill leave it to those more worldly and experienced than myself to explain it.

Head over to POWERLINE blog and read what they have to say about Joe Paterno's involvement in SanduskyGate as stated by the "Freeh Report". I bet you are surprised, after what you have been told by the press.

The smearing of Paterno is a travesty.

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