Sunday, August 12, 2012

The truth hurts........Democrats

I read today that the democrat PACs are already dusting off the ridiculous commercial where a Paul Ryan look alike tosses Grandma off a cliff.  The typical old scare tactics of small minded obstructionists who only care about winning elections not governing.

Obama has no plan for Americans.  He has a plan to win the election.  A plan to turn America into a socialist welfare state where everyone begs the government for another crumb and arrogant, elitist, bureaucrats control every aspect of your life because you are a dumb, knuckle dragging, peon. A plan to seperate America into warring factions of rich and poor, black and white, occupy and tea party, city and suburb, north and south, and any other he can take advantage of.....

Its time to spread the truth.  The facts are our best weapon against these lowest common denominator tactics.

Barack Obama and his surrogates have shown that will say anything to be reelected.  He has renounced leadership and ideas, and sunk to a strategy that relies on ignorance and misplaced trust.

I will continue to believe, until the moment Obama is reelected, that America is a wise pile of benevolence that embraced the positive platitudes of "hope" and "change" but will not espouse the Presidents current offering of calumny and chicanery.

That said, i will expend lock stock and two smoking barrels attempting to defeat the left's misinformation machine every place possible until election day. 

Paul Ryan's attempt to save Social Security and Medicare is leadership, bold thinking, and consideration for future Americans. Democrats are attempting to punish  foresight and hoping petty smears trump truth.

What is the truth?  Well Im glad you asked.  Lets get this party started with an explanation from the man of the hour, himself

Go HERE yo

I cant seem to get the video to embed so you will have to just hit Das Link....

Much more to come.....

Have a pleasant valley Sunday.

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