Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan is a great choice for VP

Well, we have our ticket.

Today, Paul Ryan became the official running mate of Mitt Romney.

What do I think, you ask?

In case the title of this post didnt give it away somehow, I like the choice.

Paul Ryan is a fiscal guru of sorts. A policy wonk, yet down to earth and personable as they come. He knows economic policy better than anyone in the Obama administration by a mile, and is able to articulate it in common sense terms.

Some say its a risky pick. Ryan has already been demonized by Democrats for penning a responsible budget. It is a given that they will try to paint him as a starver of old people and kids. The irony is, without a bold plan for cutting entitlements to a an affordable level like Ryan's, thats exactly what will happen when an unprepared dependant class just stops getting checks from a bankrupt Obama style government. Add the European style tax rates of 70% and you have a bleak picture.

The truth is, Obama has all but destroyed the wealth creation in America. 1 out of 6 Americans are poverty stricken. We have been over 8% unemployment for over 40 months with the real number being around 11% when you count people who have run out of benefits and are no longer counted by the government's goofy math. Job creation is being suffocated by Obama's regulatory agencies, especially the EPA. He refuses to allow the Keyston pipeline to be completed costing us jobs and driving up gas prices.

The point is, there is no better choice to fix an economy than a auccesful business man like Mitt Romney and no better brain to help implement the correct fixes than economic wunderkind, Paul Ryan.

The country now has an obvious choice.

Two of the best economic minds America has to offer, or Obama/Biden's failure, excuses, and finger pointing. Two successful men who are proven leaders, or two typical Washington DC, politicians who have offered zero solutions in 4 years. Freedom, capitalism, and a brighter future.....or Obama.

Its just that simple.

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