Wednesday, August 29, 2012

GOP convention, so far, so good

The Republican Party has a new star. Mia Love is running for Congress in Utah against a entrenched incumbent who plain ole' sucks. I wish i could vote for her. She is fighting an uphill battle but has the right stuff to pull it off.

She gave a rousing speech tonight at the GOP convention that made me an instant fanboy. No matter what happens in this election, this women is a leader and is the future of the Republican party.

She happens to be African American, which causes the Democrats and liberal loud mouths to single her out for hateful treatment and have even defaced her Wikipedia entry.

I find it friggin hilarious that Republicans are called racists for criticizing one of the worst Presidential performances (measured by historical statistics, ie unemployment) in generations, yet Mia Love is targeted by the left because of her skin color and the media says nothing.

Lest you think it an isolated incident. Artur Davis gave an A-Mazing speech tonight and was attacked, too.

So much for that tolerance the Democrats are always bragging about.

Speaking of Speeches.

Ann Romney did the best job i think ive ever seen from a wife/husband at a political convention. Speeches arent her job, but she absolutely nailed it. You must watch it.

Those were the highlights for me last night, but i was encouraged by the quality of all the speakers so far.

By the way, Chris Matthews, the hate monger of MSNBC, is psychotic racist who hates....... Im sick of him pointing his crooked little finger at everyone else while he stereotypes people and lies his flaming drunk pants off. I plan on getting the word out.

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