Thursday, August 9, 2012

Are "D"'s nuts?

Politics has become such a spectacle that the actual consequences of actions by politicians is often buried under a garbage pile of slogans, talking points, media spin, and most unfortunately, a giant letter in parentheses.

Many Americans ignore politics believing it is just a phony game but put their whole hearted faith in the stupid letter that signifies to which party the candidate belongs.

George Washington warned about the evils of political parties. They become the lazy persons' vehicle for justification of a vote cast in complete ignorance. They are the politicians best friend, though, allowing blind loyalty.

Results have become much less important than they need to be, and failure has become acceptable due to successful demonizing of each party by the other....

In 2012, the Presidential election would be over already if political parties did not exist. There are very few intelligent people who could justify another vote for Barack Obama on results or merit. He is a failure by any measure, yet he is winning in some polls and is considered the favorite by conventional wisdom. That is seriously sad.

Do you want to know what happens when party affiliation becomes the factor on which most votes are cast?


The big question(s) in 2012. Do voters want to make the U.S. into California and will Democrats continue to blindly follow a letter instead of a leader?

I totally got lost writing this blog entry. I just wanted to intro another great video by my mentor, Bill Whittle, but got sidetracked by a thought about political parties. For the record, I despise them as an idea, and Republicans are guilty of being zombies for the party at times but never to this degree. George H W Bush was 100 times the President, Obama has been, and we threw him out for one lie. Obama has told 1000 yet the every day Democrat voter is still solidly enough behind him to make this election close.....that is a travesty.

That is my point, i think.

PS California is pathetic, isnt it?

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