Monday, August 6, 2012

Congrats to NASA

Im a huge space geek. I absolutely adore the grand adventures and the amazing accomplishments of NASA. I believe it is a perfect example of the greatness of America but also an example of how government has lost its way. Once a priority of a federal government with limited and intended purpose, it is now cut to the bone and a shell of the magnificent organization that put a man on the moon. It has become a victim of a government whose politicians are more enamored with buying votes, socialist entitlement programs, and pork, than big ideas and the ambitious thinking in astrophysics, exploration, and rocket science.

Obama cancelled our space program, the ORION project, which was to go back to the moon. On the surface it seems prudent to back burner such projects while the economy lags and the budget runs TRILLION dollar deficits, but Obama's spending has not been restrained when bailing out union pensions, or buying GM and then "lending" it billions of dollars that are never going to be repaid.

Who will inspire the children to reach for the stars? The government worker telling them they have to wait 6 months for a doctor visit when they are sick, because of Obamacare rationing and doctor shortages, but dont worry when they do get an appointment...its "free" (meaning its being paid for by a small business owner who works 16 hours a day but grosses 200K so is considered "rich" even though he cant afford to take an actual salary).

But i digress.....

We were reminded of the glory days early this morning, as an insanely complicated, and wonderful adventure from Earth to Mars ended with a picture perfect touchdown of a car sized rover named "Curiosity".

The story of Curiosity is an amazing one. Especially its last minutes before landing. They were referred to as the "7 minutes of terror".....seriously.

Wil Wheaton explains....

Anyway, just thought it was really quite cool. It made me smile to see America sneak in a little greatness, in spite of Obama.

Happy Monday. UPDATE: Check out the first pics of Mars sent back by "Curiosity".

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