Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The difference between Presidents

You want to know why we liked George W. Bush even though he made some major mistakes and didnt seem to understand capitalism at times.

He was a leader and good man. He personally wrote to every single family that lost a soldier in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Sat down and spent time with a pen and paper to express his thanks to people who had paid the ultimate price for defending freedom.

That is how our side rolls.

It was never made public, never used to make Bush look good, and I guarantee that was by his orders.

You want to know how Obama handles this difficult job.

Yep, he just skips it. Not even a personal signature.

That is a disgrace and reason enough for him to lose in November.

Unfortunately for him, its reason #2974......still counting.

This one is a biggie for me.

Time for 120 rounds of golf, more fundraisers than any President ever, a vacation every other month, but not a minute for our fallen heros.

America is better than this man.

UPDATE:  Turns out it wasnt a time issue for Obama, but a priority one.  Seems that he had plenty of time to write a personal condolence letter to a rapper's family after his death.  Nothing against Heavy D, he occupies some cool memories from my college years, and the note was a nice gesture BUT-- If you cant be bothered to write to the families of our American heroes after they lose their life carrying out your orders, dont be passing them out to celebrities willy nilly.  It shows an immeasurable lack of judgment and a disturbing dearth of appreciation for whats important.

Our soldiers deserve better.

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