Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Joe Biden is a dummy dum dum cur

Joe Biden loves to tell stories.....well, fairy tales.  He has been caught making things up on more than one occassion (the '08 VP debate being an especially memorable performance) , but today he cruises past tall tale into the realm of disgusting, sickening, slanderous, malicious, defamation.

He stood in front of a crowd that included African American and said.....and i quote...

"They’re going to put y’all back in chains."

Yes, he insinuated (in a patronizing phony southern drawl) that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would literally enslave minorities if they win the election.

I know Obama and Biden are desperate, intellectually bankrupt, and remorseless, but to associate good men, with one of the greatest evils ever inflicted on our country just because you cannot make a coherent, fact based, argument, is sick. 

I dont know why, but it has pushed me to another level of fired up.

The choice in this election has quickly become one of character as much as policy.  To pull the lever for Obama/Biden, you now must be willing to side with men who are so morally corrupt that they would weaponize tragedy and use treacherous duplicity in order to demonize a political opponent.

Only in a day and age when the media is completely in the bag for the Democrats can such a demeaning, racist remark be ignored by every letter named network.

Sarah Palin was brutalized by the mainstream press for having a map with "targeted" districts during the 2010 elections.  That was supposedly incendiary, but Biden....that'll be just fine with the so called "journalist" class.

Yep, Palin is the dumb one, meanwhile, Biden just keeps on, keepin' on, the stupid. 

Only 3 months to go....ha.....ive already pulled my medulla oblongata.....

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