Friday, August 31, 2012

Mitt Romney obliterates the mark

Tonight Mitt Romney accepted the GOP nomination and concluded the Republican convention.

His speech....lets just say, if you watched it with any chance of voting for Romney, BLAM! may just volunteer for his campaign.

It was pretty much a home run. It was Presidential in a way we have not seen in at least 4 years, probably much longer. An absolutely, good man, with a lifetime of wisdom and earned success who, just......gets it. He hit triple triple twenty after triple triple darts speak.

I thought it would be hard to follow Paul Ryan's ninja moves from last night, but he did it. It was a much different speech than Ryan's, but in the exact way you would expect from the person heading the ticket.

I feel like, we truly have, the exact right two guys, at the exact right time, in history.

If the country somehow chooses Obama/Biden over these men of vision and substance, it will tell me that the country has traded the American spirit and freedom for European apathy and free condoms......and that would be a monumental tragedy.

Until that moment, I will continue to believe that, we the people, want America to be that shining city on a hill.

For that, there is only one choice.....

Romney/Ryan 2012

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