Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gaffe or lie....does i matter?

I keep hearing a sound byte from Obama's stump speech today, in Iowa, telling his zombies that all he wants to do is help farmers (uh, transparent pander sauce anyone)....the next sentence being that Paul Ryan and House Republicans just wont let him pass an aid bill for them. 

All friggin day, the news plays this clip and i bet some people out there believe the false narrative that Obama just wants to use his magical unicorn to made life fertile and grand but mean Paul Ryan and his crew wont let him....

Then there is the truth....

The GOP passed a bill ripe with aid for farmers weeks ago.  In fact, they left a whole lot of stuff undone to make sure the bill was passed and help was available before their recess.

Is the President clueless about what goes on in Congress under his watch, or just lying to demonize his opponents?

Does it matter?

Incompetent or dishonest, do either describe what you want in a President for 4 more years?

Hat tip Gateway Pundit.

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