Sunday, July 8, 2012

The stakes

This years election is a choice between the American people's greatness and crushing government burden and control. Obama is just a used car salesman trying to sell the country the same lemon its been breaking down in for 4 years. Why would we even consider reelecting a total failure? If he is too incompetent to handle the circumstances he ran to fix, its time to give someone else a chance.

Im tired of the excuses. Im tired of the pointing of fingers. Im tired of the arrogance. Im tired of the condescension. Im tired of the corruption. Im tired of the whining. Im tired of lie after lie after lie. Im tired of being told what i have to buy....what i have to eat....what lightbulb i have to use. Im tire of paying $3.50 for gas. Im tired of having a President who believes the government is more important than the people.

Its time for him to go.

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