Monday, May 7, 2012

France Surrenders....again...

So....the bastion of bravery and wisdom, France, has elected a Socialist to lead the there's that.  It does prove Russo Rule number #8 of politics.  When an uninformed electorate is suffering at the hands of bad government, it will always throw out the people or party in power no matter how much worse the other option is.

We got socialist, Barack Obama, who has dragged America down to its worst economic malaise since Jimmy Carter. France now gets their own socialist, Francois Hollande, who will, no doubt, do even worse for his country.  Without the American people to fight against the tides of Keynesian policy, France has zero hope of turning their economy around.

In an ironic twist...ha...."Dear Leader" wasted no time in inviting the fellow leftest wack job over for scones  

In an not very ironic twist....stocks fell through the floor after Europe voted for even more impressive failure.

In the "Seriously?!?!........SERIOUSLY?!?!" moment in my head this week.  According to liberals, Elizabeth Warren, candidate for Senate in Massachusetts, is allowed to invent Native American relatives and be considered a minority. Yet, Hispanic American George Zimmerman, is considered "white".

Democrats are so cool.

Welcome to Monday.

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