Friday, May 11, 2012

Pants of Fire....The 5 alarm blaze of Obama

What is a lie?  "No honey, that dress doesnt make you look fat", or "This is great meatloaf".  Those are more like fibs, a bending of the truth for the benefit of someone else.  I lie benefits you and only you.  Someone who gets away with one lie to prosper, will usually double down and continue to use dishonesty in order to gain money, power, and influence.  These people are looked down on by the whole of society as the lowest of the low.  The Enron, Bernie Madoff, and Richard Nixons of history.

Oh, unless your are a Democratic President.

Im not going to get into Bill Clinton.  He lied about stupid crap and got caught.  He was what he was, a philanderer with suspect priorities and horrible judgment.  Dishonest to save his own hide but not an evil guy.

But what of the man who ingratiates himself to you with inspiring stories, and a storybook personal history which all ends up completely untrue.  A twist of the truth giving it an opposite meaning.  What if the media said nothing?

Barack Obama is not only a liar, but a serial fabricator whose complete personal story is not as it seems.  Sold to America as a figure of unification and moderation, he is neither.  After 4 years of serious consideration, i am prepared to say that Obama is a carefully crafted product made of hyperbole and myth.  He must deceive to continue the ruse on the American people.

Do you care? Does America?

I dont know, but you deserve the facts.  Lets start here.

Its time the truth comes out about this man.  Im tired of hearing things i know untrue from and about Barack Obama.

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