Monday, March 8, 2010

Obey or be destroyed

The Democrat Party loves to claim that they are the party of inclusion and open mindedness. Sure, if by open mindedness you mean, do what we say or we will destroy you.

Ask Governor Patterson from New York or better yet ask Congressman Eric Massa, thats Democrat Congressman Eric Massa. He is against the health care bill and could not be bought off so he has conveniently been forced into resigning over some alleged comments made in private at a wedding. The same party who excuses Barney Frank's, Eliot Spitzer's, Charlie Rangel's, and Bill Clinton's actions. What a joke.

The message-- Toe the line and we will defend you no matter what you do, go against us and we will destroy you.

The Democrat Party leadership is disgusting. No matter what the faults of the Republican Party are (and there are many) they pale in comparison to repugnant gang that is the people in charge of the Democrats.

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