Monday, March 1, 2010

Another "Huh?" moment

I noticed that the big health care summit was quickly out of the news. Obviously it didnt go as planned for Obama and his media buddies. I was looking for a clip to sort of sum up the whole event and i think this does it.

Its perfect because:

1) It shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the entire issue.

2) It shows that he has no problem inventing (making up) or embellishing (lying) stories in an attempt to win an argument. Its tough to have an intelligent discussion with someone who just makes up evidence to defend their position.

3) It shows that he really is approaching the outskirts of stupidtown (did he really think that story made any sense at all?) OR he thinks you are really that stupid (those simple people will believe anything i say, right?).

Bottom line, its a inane mess of unintelligible fiction that was either spewed as a truly awful ad lib or a completely flubbed story an obviously highly overpaid lackey had written for him. Either way, its another example of the dishonesty of Democrats on the health care issue. What a sad and desperate group of politicians they are right now.

Anyway, here is your President.....

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