Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bend over and say "Ahhhh!"

Well, its become pretty clear that Obama and his progressive cronies are going to ram some sort of freedom destroying health care bill down your throat....or up your pooshoot depending how you look at it.

It doesnt matter what Americans want, or what is best for the country, what matters to Obama and liberals in the Democratic Party is power over you and over as much of your money as humanly possible. They are willing to be stomped with their teeth on the curb in November's elections because they know that once government takes something it never gives it back....including freedom.

Its a scary time in America. You need to decide how much having a free country matters to you because they are trying to "change" that and "hope" you let it happen.

Obama is a pretty disgusting human being for being so dishonest about the whole issue. Remember when he proclaimed this. Or how about this.

It doesnt matter. He says whatever is necessary to continue the grand charade that is he Presidency. I am frightened that we will never be able to undo the damage this guy is doing to our once proud country.

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