Saturday, March 6, 2010

Deja Vu

I was staring at the wall (again) and i got this weird feeling it was 1977.

Let me explain.

America is a mess. The economy is in one of the worst recessions in modern times. The country is lead by radicals from an ideology whose failures are propped up by an elitist press which has alienated most Americans. Unemployment continues to rise only slowed buy a fudging of the numbers. Our standing in the world is one of weakness and misguided loyalties. People do not trust the government. Americans are scared and unsure of the country's future.

Lets face it, were it not for the main stream media covering for mistake after mistake after disaster after indefensible decision, this President would already be considered the worst chief executive the United States has seen in 100 years. I digress.....

How did we get here though? 1968-1976 were years of turmoil. Nixon, Vietnam, Watergate....people had enough. So in 1976 a man was elected to punish Republicans for their mistakes. A man who had no business being President and proved that very quickly. He only made every problem worse and embarrassed the country in ways whitewashed by progressive history.

So now its 2008....after 8 years of being demonized relentlessly and a few big mistakes, George W. Bush has become unpopular. A turbulent 2 terms has made America feel as though the White House should go to a Democrat again. It didnt matter who that person could be a inexperienced, empty suit, left wing radical, with a shady past who campaigned on ideas that were the exact opposite of everything he had said his entire life. It didnt matter. The American people had decided. Change for change sake. Just like in 1976.

Carter = Obama

Its like history in repeating itself. This is were it gets hopeful. It was the debacle of a Carter Presidency that brought us Ronald Reagan. The only truly conservative President since Calvin Coolidge (IMHO), and the reason America flourished beyond all expectations for almost 2 decades after his policies were enacted. Yeah, Clinton can thank Reagan for the 90's.

So unfortunately we must endure the 4 years of hell to reach the Reaganesque two decades of prosperity. Can find the necessary leader though?

Lets "hope" a man or woman exist that is able to offer that kind of leadership. After Obama, any "change" will be an improvement but i pray there is a transcendent conservative figure in America willing to brave politics in the 21st century.

History seems to show that the 2012 will be a correction election. Either that or Obama will be President for the next 20 years....we are at a major cross roads.

I will be here to give you the play by play until we find out.

Nighty Night

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