Sunday, March 7, 2010

A look at the future?

Another example of the disastrous results of government involvement in health care. Not only that, but proof that once in control, politicians have a plethora of reasons to lie and hide the truth about the viability of the system and its ability to provide care in order to win elections. Anyone who thinks it can be difficult to get answers out of an insurance company has never had a time sensitive health matter dependent on a government bureaucrat whose first priority is politics.

I just dont understand how anyone could possibly believe allowing the ass clowns in Washington DC to control your health care is an idea worth 2 seconds of consideration. The nightmare would be never ending and can change insurance companies with a phone call if you are unhappy....what do you do once a loved one is left to die by the government health care bureaucrats? Move to France? Canada? Great Britain? Where do you think a Premier of Canada went for heart surgery? Florida.

Canadian papers are trying to make it a class warfare issue. "He is rich so he gets to do whatever he wants" -- Well YEAH! When you have the money and are sick, you spend it on the best possible health care. That is the US. Why would we ruin that so a few people can get free checkups.

Free checkups but hospitals. Then again....if you do somehow get into one, there is no guarantee you will live through the experience.

Not acceptable.

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