Thursday, March 4, 2010

Great Britain has rotten health you want it?

If you want to see the demoralizing and damaging effects liberal policies take on a once great country you have to look no farther than Great Britain. The question is, will we see it as a warning or ignore it and jump down the same poop filled hole.

The health care system is a disaster. People die waiting for treatment or suffer for years on waiting lists praying for "elective" surgeries that would allow them to live normal lives. Life saving drugs are in short supply allowing the government to chose who gets treatment by their political selection of "worthy" patients.

Its important that people understand that this type of health care system multiplies the problems of our current system 10 fold and leaves the bureaucrats in charge of medical resources. When you have a minute....go HERE and read through article after article of death and suffering caused by government run health care. Forward it to a friend, get the word out. We are on the verge of living with corrupt politicians controlling who lives and who dies.

I repeat....go HERE.

Great Britain is a shadow of its former self, resigned to hiding its decay rather than change its progressive policies.

It makes me sad to see a country with such a proud history become the ultimate example of socialism's destructive, cancerous effects.

Lets not let that happen here. If the loss of your health care and much of your freedom doesnt spur you to action what about if they took away your wifi?

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