Thursday, April 1, 2010

California sucks.....liberals seek to export suckage to rest of US

The liberal paradise of The People's Republic of California lost another important business to its ridiculous regulations and high taxes. The state is a mess, bankrupt, and a world class example of how Democrat control of government always results complete and total suckage of everything.

California's progressive experiment has failed but Democrats have no plans to rethinking their policies.....Obama wants to make the whole nation a California.

That makes sense.
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California's last auto plant shuts its doors
FREMONT, Calif. (AP) - The last car has rolled off the production lines at California's sole auto plant.

Workers are trickling out of the New United Motor Manufacturing plant in Fremont as they complete their tasks and the plant readies to shut down.

Nearby, job centers have been set up to help the newly unemployed figure out benefits, retraining and other options.

The plant made Toyota Tacoma trucks and Corolla sedans. The last Tacoma rolled off the assembly lines last week, and Corolla production ended Thursday.

The plant began 25 years ago as a joint venture between Toyota Motor Corp. and General Motors Co. GM pulled out last year, and Toyota later announced it would halt production, eliminating about 4,700 jobs.

State officials are pursuing federal grants to help those impacted by the closure.

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