Monday, April 12, 2010

Hateful haters who keep hating

It really looks like Newsweek is going to spend its last ducats of credibility on the fictional narrative of Tea Party hate. I cant, for the life of me, figure out how a journalist can sit down and write such complete drivel and not feel morally bankrupt afterward. Its one thing to not agree with the Constitution, (the Tea Party just wants the Constitution obeyed which is a travesty itself, i know), but to attempt to paint a group of people you disagree with as something they are not in order to effect public opinion is journalistic malpractice and deserving of scorn by all honest people from any political persuasion.

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Newsweek Covering Tea Parties With Unusual Restraint

“A Surge of Hate” reads the meta tag; “Hate: Antigovernment extremists are on the rise—and on the march” read the actual headline.

Yes, and if they succeed, they’ll…they’lll…make the government leave people alone and mind its own business! The horror!

It’s a destination that’s well in sight for them. In the meantime, they might want to read this, and maybe pop a beta blocker or two along the way.

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