Sunday, April 11, 2010

If you cant beat 'em.....

It seems that the left has become so desperate that their new plan is to "infiltrate" the Tea Party movement and act like the racists and hateful douche bags they are, but hoping the behaviors will be attributed to the Tea Party.

Its the last pathetic attempt of a intellectually bankrupt group of programed zombies to besmirch a group of Americans just fighting for their own freedom to pursue happiness.

When your ideas are pathetic failures tossed on history's trash heap and your methods are dishonest and underhanded, all you can do is try to make everyone look as ugly and classless as you are......

Which group do you want living in your community?...running your country?....teaching your children?.....spending your money?......making decisions about health care?.....defending you from terrorists?.....representing America?

Time to choose a side.

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