Friday, April 30, 2010

Great Britain's suicide by 1000 paper cuts continues

Ive heard the argument from liberals that conservatives and/or religious folks "push" their views on people by wanting a Christmas tree in the town square.....or by wanting the 10 commandments above a courthouse. Well, what do you call this.....

Liberals not only push their beliefs on you, they make it illegal not to follow their tyrannical mindset.

Recycling is not nearly as environmentally helpful as they want you to believe. All the extra trucks, containers, bags, driving, recycling plants, recycling chemicals, by products, and energy needed to recycle nullifies any positive impact with most materials. Its purely a religious experience for liberals who allow their emotional needs to crush any logical thinking.

But fine, so you want to recycle some stoof....but forcing citizens to become garbage sorters and bin engineers under penalty of law is not only ridiculous, its government power run amok. I imagine its possible to be sent to jail, (if ones recycling fines arent paid promptly), on a charge of insufficient garbage classification. What happens if you put the wrong garbage in the wrong bin....will you be fined for improper garbage categorization?

Socialism is destroying Great Britain and this is what the government is doing with their collective brain power.....the whole thing amounts to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. (Great analogy by Richard Fernandez)

If we allow this country to be controlled by progressives, we will suffer the same fate. Is that how you want to spend the rest of your life....worried that the garbage police will see a can in your bottle bin and arrest you?

Liberal policies always start in seemingly harmless absurdville but end in tyrannytown.

Ask the people of Great Britain.

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The nine-bin nightmare: Families forced to follow green zealots' new recycling diktats

Families are facing a nightmare future of recycling confusion.

In a regime set to spread across the country, residents are being forced to juggle an astonishing nine separate bins.

There has already been a storm of protest with warnings that the scheme is too complex and homes simply don't have the space to deal with the myriad bins, bags and boxes.

The containers include a silver slopbucket for food waste, which is then tipped in to a larger, green outdoor food bin, a pink bag for plastic bottles, a green bag for cardboard, and a white bag for clothing and textiles.

Paper and magazines go in blue bags, garden waste in a wheelie bin with a brown lid, while glass, foil, tins and empty aerosols should go in a blue box, with a grey wheelie bin for non-recyclable waste.
strict regulations have been introduced as councils come under growing pressure to cut the amount of household rubbish they send to landfill.
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