Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wrong again

Im not sure its even news these days, but the con men behind the UN global warning committee have admitted they were wrong (lied) again.

If you still believe a word these snake oil salesman say, you are beyond my help. Go with Gaia...

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Add another exposed doomsday mistake to IPCC’s failures

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than a month since the latest example of intellectual collapse at the IPCC. Now added to the fraudulent claims about Amazon rain forests, African crop harvests, and Himalayan glaciers comes the exposure of a very large error in the UN body’s warnings about flooding in Bangladesh. Turns out that the scientists screeching about the cataclysmic effects of sea-level rises forgot to consider sedimentary deposits (via Yid with Lid):

Scientists in Bangladesh posed a fresh challenge to the UN’s top climate change panel Thursday, saying its doomsday forecasts for the country in the body’s landmark 2007 report were overblown.

The IPCC’s response? Chair Rajendra Pachauri claims that one mistake shouldn’t shake anyone’s confidence in the theory of anthropogenic global warming. Unfortunately, he’s not referring to this error, but one exposed previously:

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