Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who are the racists, again?

So the rule is.....you cant be a liberal and a racist no matter what you do or say,........ AND......... you cant be a conservative and NOT be a racist no matter what you do or say.

That makes sense.

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AP discovers that black tea party members exist

Actually, the headline is “Black conservative tea party backers take heat,” which is a considerably more important angle. One purpose of the endless racial demagoguery of the right by the Frank Riches of the world is, of course, to make life hard for minorities who break with leftist orthodoxy. They’d never admit that, which is understandable, but they’re also rarely ever called on it, which isn’t. For all the media navel-gazing these days about how political rhetoric mainstreams hostility, the “race traitor” accusation that’s almost universally experienced by minority conservatives I know and that’s implicit in any grotesque caricature of tea partiers as some sort of neo-Klan rarely gets attention outside of right-wing media. And no wonder: It’s a fabulously effective form of intimidation.

Here’s a new clip from Zo sharing some fan mail he received recently expressing “appreciation” for his ideological diversity.
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