Friday, April 30, 2010

Selfish, lying, delusional, political fraud of a not Obama.

This guy is what is wrong with politicians in a nut shell.

Charlie Crist is a first class hypocrite and a twenty-third class human being. Just about every single thing he has said in the primary so far had been contradicted Crist.

He couldnt win the nomination so he quit, took his ball, and went home. Worse than that, he has now come back and is helping his former opponent to win....sour grapes Charlie?

Self interest over service is the one of biggest problem exhibited by politicians along with over bloated egos. Crist has become the poster boy for both.

If you know someone in Florida, make sure they stay away from Crist. Mark Rubio is a young conservative with a bright future whose charisma and straight forward demeanor makes guys like Charlie Crist look like the morally bankrupt political hacks they are.

Rubio is the future of a successful Republican party. Crist is the reason people hate politicians.

If the feeling moves you....donate to Rubio HERE.

If you dont want to take my word for it check this-

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Rubio’s new ad: Crist, in his own words

If Charlie Crist announces an independent bid for the US Senate today as widely expected, can anyone doubt that this will be one of the most effective political ads of the year? Marco Rubio speaks volumes by letting Crist do all the talking:

We’ve played this before, as have many bloggers and media outlets, but blanketing Florida airwaves with this ad (or a shorter version of it) will force Crist to ask a very uncomfortable question — what changed since March 28th? Neither he nor Rubio have made any policy changes during that period of time. The national GOP hasn’t changed its position regarding the race; the NRSC still has its endorsement of Crist in place. That actually makes Crist the establishment Republican candidate, at least until 5 pm ET today.

The only answer that will make sense to Florida voters is that Crist can’t get elected as a Republican in 2010.
It’s pure self-interest, arguably accompanied by an impulse for self-destruction.
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