Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Riddance

I predicted 11 years ago that the Eagles would never win a Super Bowl while McNabb was their starting Quarterback....i was right. McNabb is now a Washington Redskin so i can cheer for the Eagles again.....after Favre, of course.

McNabb was the most overrated player of my generation. His stats seemed to come against crappy opponents while choking in the big games. Even the year he tripped down a flight of stairs and fell into the Super Bowl, he reminded us what kind of leader he was while puking on the field like a nervous 13 year old girl.

I know, i know, he did play in 5 NFC championship games and that Super Bowl but i seem to remember him underachieving on teams that could have one 3 or 4 championships. If Tom Brady is their QB they could have won 5 or 6. Instead they won ZERO....and i cant think of one he should have won. He wasnt robbed like Jim Kelly when Scott Norwood shanked a career defining field goal. He didnt get beat by Joe Montana or John Elway comebacks. He just wasnt a great player. A very good player, yes, but not great.

Im sure there are plenty of fans that think im nuts but hey, thats the beauty of sports opinions. I do wish him the best of luck and never had a problem with him personally. He always seemed like a stand up guy, but lets just say im not worried about him winning a Super Bowl and rubbing it in the Eagles ownership's faces.

Anyway, ive been waiting 11 years to say "good riddance", let the Kolb era begin.
E - A - G - L - E - S...............EAGLES!

I was never a fan and am quite happy he is finally gone. Of course, their are some that think the Eagles are crazy trading their "star" QB to a rival and giving the team to Kevin Kolb (who? you say.....dont worry he is going to be really good) I will laugh when Kolb is holding up the Super Bowl trophy in a couple years.

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