Thursday, April 15, 2010

The genius of liberal policy

You gotta love the Democrats.....pass a stupid law that causes all sorts of problems....step in to pass more stupid laws to fix all the problems you caused initially.....then...

BAM!! Cause a crisis and a giant socialist, freedom destroying, debacle like TARP or FDR's New Deal which fix nothing but entrench liberal policies in our government, MUST be passed.

If the government can not pay for the things they are doing...too bad....stop doing them.....just like you are i would have to do. Im tired of enabling this power addicted behemoth of a federal government.....its out of control.

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Schumer demands gov’t intervention to fix problem caused by … gov’t intervention

Chuck Schumer says, “It so happens that the Treasury Department could stop” airlines from charging passengers for their carry-on luggage.  The latest major issue to hit Congress, apparently a higher priority than the BCS college football bowl system and chewing tobacco in major-league baseball, started when regional carrier Spirit Airlines announced their intention to charge up to $45 per passenger for carry-on bags.  But what Schumer doesn’t say is that Treasury started the problem with its previous government intervention.  Radio Vice Online has the video:

Did Spirit suddenly get a case of the meanies? Not exactly. A change in tax policy created by Treasury in January made fees for carry-on baggage tax free, since they determined — in their expertise on aviation — that carry-ons are not an integral service for airlines:

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