Sunday, April 18, 2010

Left on left violence

Cant all you ignorant tools just get along?

Wow, it really isnt hard to figure out which side of the political spectrum is truly the violent, angry, and hateful group of people. They arent even tolerant of each other. Remember, these people want similar ends, but they are too stupid to even realize they are on the same side.

Next time they call the Tea Party "angry", remember this event and laugh.

Via Gateway Pundit

Raging Commie Leftist attacked Nazi Socialists in LA today.
The communists from ANSWER Coalition attacked members of the Nazi Socialist party at their rally at City Hall. At one point the communists assaulted a homeless man who they thought was with the Nazis.
American Power has more on the street fight.

In this video the violent commies chant “Nazis go home” and “f**k the cops.”
Lovely people:
Unfortunately for the Nazis, their car wouldn’t start and the commies pummeled it with bottles and rocks.
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