Monday, April 12, 2010

Mega mega douche tool

Watch out Sean Penn, James is coming after your title as Hollywood's gigantist big mouth douche tool box.

I have very little patience for Hollywood fools who preach to me how to live while existing in a bubble so far removed from the really real world that they think their idiocy is actually enlightened thinking. The truth is mindless tools with lots of money are still mindless tools.

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Jimmy Cameron Is Such a Tool

The success of Avatar Pocahontas in Outer Space Dances with Smurfs has led director James Cameron to believe he's some king of bong-hit Saint in the Environmentalist religion. He went down to Brazil to pester some natives and protest the construction of a dam and other technological developments that would lift hundreds of thousands out of poverty.

The dam is a "quintessential example of the type of thing we are showing in 'Avatar' -- the collision of a technological civilization's vision for progress at the expense of the natural world and the cultures of the indigenous people that live there," he said.

But apparently, it's okay to destroy the environment in order for James Cameron to build a massive estate in Malibu.

The NY Times has a ridiculous picture of JC in native warpaint and stupid yellow party hat.

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