Friday, April 30, 2010

China busted for using embryo gymnasts

Why were we so afraid to accuse/offend the Chi-coms when we knew all along their gymnasts were barely out of diapers? You must be 16 by end of the Olympic year to compete but rules only apply to Conservatives, Capitalists, and Democratic Republics like the US.

Its an excellent lesson. You cant trust dictators or communist regimes on following Olympic rules, what makes people like Obama think they are going to play fair when it comes to important issues, like defense.

Just a thought.

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China’s Cheaters Never Prosper: Well, They Kinda Prosper

China loses their Gold Medal. Aw. You know what stinks, though? EVERYONE knew that they were a fraud when they were perpetrating it, but no one said anything because that wouldn’t be P.C. And the American girls were deprived of the honor they deserved.

Shame on the Olympic committee for being a party to such despicable double-dealing.

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