Saturday, April 17, 2010

A tale of two protests

Just thought while we were on the subject of media malpractice id offer this article. You never seem to hear the media scolding the violent and disobedient public tantrums of left wing groups. The WTO protests alone are a left wing extravaganza of damage of public property and riot police. Dont remember hearing how angry they were or how they were mostly white men.

Did you hear about this in the news?

The truth is....we have protests and we are respectful and polite...we even clean up after ourselves. The left is destructive and immature when they gather usually ending up in arrests.

The media is either dishonest or just stupid as a bag o' hammers.

I give you the events of Tax Day.

Read more @ Gateway Pundit.

Dont forget to check out Danny "the communist lover" Glover's arrest. What a friggin tool. He's a lethal weapon alright....only if a douche bag is now considered a weapon.

Yesterday, tens of thousands of Tea Party Protesters held attended rallies across this great nation… Not one was arrested.

(The Dispatch)
Also yesterday… Leftist SEIU thugs held one rally in Ohio… 25 were arrested.
The Dispatch reported, via Instapundit:

A crowd of more than 100 protestors faced off against about 50 police officers yesterday afternoon at Ohio State University in an attempt to bring public awareness to the conditions of Sodexo food-workers at university sporting events.

The protest caused a long backup of cars, particular in the southbound lanes of High Street, but traffic was starting to get back to normal by about 3:30 p.m.

The protest is part of a “smear campaign” against the firm by the SEIU in a bid to get the firm to exclusively negotiate with that union, said Sodexo spokeswoman Monica Zimmer.

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