Friday, April 23, 2010

Easter fun in Obama's America

Imagine showing up at a giant party at the White House when you were like 8 and being told you were going to have an Easter celebration with all the fix'ens. Now imagine when you get there, the only candy to be found is a piece of hard peppermint in grandma's purse from 1985 and instead are given an apple and a Body Fat Index chart. Then you are made to circuit train for an hour before getting a lecture on proper caloric intake.

Thats what happened to the youngsters who went to the annual Easter egg roll at the White House this year.

What is wrong with these people?

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Of Easter Eggs and the Nanny State

This year's White House Easter Egg Roll is the perfect paradigm of what the Nanny State wants to do for to Americans, simply because it knows better than we do.

You might recall that, to the dismay of the young children bursting with enthusiasm about this fun and yummy tradition, this year's event became a "teachable moment" photo op, and therefore

...did not include the distribution of teeth-rotting, obesity-inducing candy. "Every goodie bag," according to one account, "was stuffed with pre-screened fruit, and the grounds were filled with exercise stations." One can only imagine the joy on young faces when they got their apple and their workout.

The freedom to eat the occasional sweet or even to let our teeth rot if we want is to be replaced with soft tyranny that coldly coddles us as actuaries count the ways Big Government can intervene, protect and neutralize, in the name of Big Society.

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