Friday, April 16, 2010

Obama the arrogant

They say that if you have to compliment yourself out loud that you are probably a giant flaming burglar of turds.....i have to agree.

Say howdy to Barack Obama, the greatest purveyor of self love this side of a 14 year old boy who just discovered porn

News Flash-----
Barack Obama is the opposite of smart and the polar opposite of humble......throw in the opposite of cool and you have summed up America's 1st douche bag President.

Via Gateway Pundit

His arrogance knows no bounds.
Barack Obama says that “like me” Australian Primem Minister Rudd is “smart but humble.”
Aussie Reporter: Is there a meeting of minds (with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd)?

Barack Obama: I really think there is. Kevin is somebody who I probably share as much of a world view as any world leader out there. I find him smart, but humble. He works wonderfully well in multilateral settings. He’s always constructive, incisive and he is like me a pragmatic person. He comes to the job wanting to provide better opportunities not just for this generation but for the next. But, I think he is somebody who isn’t an academic or thinking about abstract ideas. I think he’s constantly thinking in practical terms about how to get something done.

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