Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You mean Obamacare even screws Congress

You know a piece of legislation is bad when even the NY Times is in awe of its horriblenessocity.

Way to go Congress.....you are now as worthless as the French Army.

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NYT Gobsmacked that ObamaCare Screws Over Congress

Some in the media are a little slow in figuring out the copious problems buried in ObamaCare. Apparently, so are most of the lawmakers who voted for it.

In a new report, the Congressional Research Service says the law may have significant unintended consequences for the "personal health insurance coverage" of senators, representatives and their staff members.
For example, it says, the law may "remove members of Congress and Congressional staff" from their current coverage, in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, before any alternatives are available.

The OMG line from this article:

The confusion raises the inevitable question: If they did not know exactly what they were doing to themselves, did lawmakers who wrote and passed the bill fully grasp the details of how it would influence the lives of other Americans?
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