Monday, April 12, 2010

Run Herman Run

I just discovered Herman Cain a few months ago and every time i hear him speak i become a bigger fan. His speech at the SRLC was awesome.

Here is an interview he gave at the event.

They say his hints at running for President are serious, well i say, do it Mr. Cain. His remarkable insight, along with his unique combination of wisdom and common sense solutions are exactly what America needs right now. He would get people excited about voting for him, i guarantee it....

I guess we will see, but until then, familiarize yourself with Herman Cain, he is the real deal.

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Exclusive: Herman Cain, Dark Horse?

Herman Cain knows how to give a great speech. He was also a delightful man to interview. Mr. Cain sat with Tabitha Hale and me for a few minutes. We had a great conversation on Saturday afternoon of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. He discusses God’s will for his life. He also talks about Republicans attracting people of color. He answers the question about whether racists dominate the Tea Party movement:

Herman Cain Might Run For President
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