Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Obama raises taxes on middle class

I cant even count the number of times i heard Obama promise not to raise taxes on the middle class. It was front and center in his campaign rhetoric.

Well, check off another promise made by the Obama campaign that is being broken by the Obama administration. If you voted for the guy because of anything he said during the campaign you have to be disappointed.

Im curious how much play this broken tax promise will get since the same exact circumstance was enough to derail George Bush Sr.'s reelection in 1992.

Read about the coming pain HERE @ Hot Air.
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Congressional committee reports ObamaCare is a $3.9B tax hike on middle class

Barack Obama promised during his presidential campaign that he would cut taxes for the middle class.  Every time his big-spending agenda got challenged by Republicans as a deficit buster that would require vast, broad tax hikes to sustain, Obama insisted that his agenda would save money for the middle class by shifting the burden to the rich — and nowhere did he make that pitch harder than on health care reform.  Now the Joint Committee on Taxation says that ObamaCare will hit the middle class with $3.9 billion in higher taxes by 2019:

Consider this the Hope and Change analog to Bush 41’s notorious “Read my lips — no new taxes!” Of course, expiration dates on Obama promises are nothing new, but this one seems particularly cynical. It manages to hit the most vulnerable by denying tax deductions for medical care.

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