Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Arizona bashing....

This bit of Obama bad mouthing an immigration bill he obviously doesnt understand is characteristic of his entire Presidency. Also, the left has picked up on this "papers" talking point, showing a policemen proof you are a citizen after being stopped for speeding is not the same as Gestapo coming up to you at the ice cream stand and asking you if youre Jewish. Obama seems to be trying to trivialize the idea of an illegal immigrant getting ice cream in one sentence and demanding punishment for their actions in the next.

Its a garbled mess of mixed ideas and confusing messages that comes from someone just trying to say what the audience, (or country) wants to hear.

If he spent 10 minutes online he could have discovered that most of what he said was wrong, but thats our Obama.....speak first and learn later.

Anybody remember the Gates incident?

Where were all these lefties the last time they set up a DUI check point where you are stopped without probably cause and guilty until proven innocent....not to mention asked for your "papers"?

What about Obamacare.....we are all going to be forced to show our "papers" proving we have insurance or be fined or jailed....and we are citizens.

Their priorities here are horribly misguided and obviously political. A couple million more votes would lock up a Democratic majority forever.....sure, the whole country would look like Detroit, but Obama and his buddies would be livin' large....

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