Thursday, April 8, 2010

A vested interested

Half the reason this country is up shizzle creek without a Yamaha In-Line 4 Stroke 150 hp Outboard Motor is because almost 50% of citizens pay no federal income tax. To them, anything that comes from the government is "free". So, for all intents and purposes, these people can vote themselves more money or services without it affecting their bottom line. Not Good.

There are two ways to stop politicians from using entitlements to buy votes and make those who receive entitlements actually appreciate them.

1st--- Every single person who earns a dollar in a given year pays something to the federal government. If you make 10 grand maybe you would only pay 5% or 500 bucks, but it would remind you that if you support "government" health care, your taxes will double or triple, in other words there is a price to pay for more government.

A true "fair share" would be everyone paying something.

2nd--- Once you are in a welfare program for a certain length of time, your ability to vote would be suspended until you are no longer receiving money from the government. That may seem unfair but how is it fair that people who pay no taxes get to vote to take more of my money. Its, "two wolves and a sheep voting on whats for dinner". It would motivate people to take care of themselves and help others in order to more actively effect the direction of the country in the way our founders wanted, not by being bought off as a entitlement group, and voting for whoever promises you the most "free" stuff.

Something must be done or as the percentage of people paying no taxes grows over 50%, the people in the cart will be too heavy for the people pushing the cart to push it any longer and are living in Cuba or the Soviet Union.

Hey, they said i was wrong about Obama being a radical socialist too.

Prove me wrong.

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