Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here is comes

You know how when you get into a cold pool you slither in a toe at a time to try and make the frigid horribleness less likely to turn you into a shivering pansy. Well, thats what Barack Obama and his minions are doing to you with the VAT tax. Slowly, acclimating you to the idea before he slyly lubes up the glove and slides it up your hole when your not really paying attention.

Trust me folks. Like the income tax, which was only supposed to be a few percent and only for the richest Americans. The VAT will come in a cloak of sanity surrounded by words like debt and crisis. The crisis has been created by uncontrolled government spending not lack of your tax dollars. This VAT is equivalent to another income tax piled on your already meager pay check.

The VAT tax rate will start small and go up like every other tax and whats worse, even after all the talk of our country's debt and America's possible bankruptcy, the money will be spent on pet programs and pork, just like every other revenue stream the Congress has gotten its grimy hands on.

This is our chance to finally tell the cash addicted monster that is the federal government "NO!". It would be like giving a drug addict a key to the heroin room after he emptied the cocaine room and complained he had no drugs.

Spread the word. An important fight is coming.

Didnt Obama promise no to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000. Hmmmmm?

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