Friday, April 9, 2010

What happened to that "big tent"

The major unions are corrupt and unnecessary in 21st century America. The rank and file get shook down so that a few "leaders" can get rich and have political power.

Now that those union heads have a seat at the big table, they are not getting up without a fight.

They are now running their own radical leftest candidates.

I thought it was the Tea Party that was so intolerant that it was going to force moderates out by forming a 3rd party. Per usual, whatever the media accuses the right of, the left does.....

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Ideologues Form Third Party to Oppose Moderates

How many times have we heard hand-wringers like David Frum and others whine about how the Tea Party movement will fracture the Republican Party through their willingness to smear and attack anyone who deviates from their standards of ideological purity.

Well, it finally happened... the ideological purists have gotten so intolerant of moderate diversity within their political party that they have formed a third party with the intention of purging those who do not measure up.

Except the ideologues are the progressive Union Thugs from the SEIU, and the moderates they are opposing are Democrats in North Carolina who voted against the disastrous ObamaCare bill

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